Crotchet braids for the Win

July 10, 2018

Crotchet braids for the Win

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Crotchet braids for the Win

Crotchet Braids

With the cold weather here to stay. One of the best tricks I picked up during winter is to keep my hair protected. I love having my natural hair open but it tends to get weak and break easily during the cold season. So one way I learnt to combat this is to do crotchet braids.

My first experience with crotchet braids didn’t go so well. I ordered Marley hair online, tried to curl them myself and installed them myself courtesy of YouTube.

Let’s just say I ended up feeling like a grandma. The length was off and the colour was awful. But this is a journey right? So I decided to stick with something more ‘standard’. Since I was good at installing the braids I decided to try crotchet twists.

For the last two years abroad, these have been my life. Teaching myself how to install crotchet braids has been on my top 5 list of life skills.  No jokes. But I digress. Crotchet braids present an easy way for you to keep your hair protected against bad weather.

You can basically crotchet any type of hair. It depends on your mood and preference. I thought this post would act as a great guide or even idea board for different crotchet braid ideas.

Crotchet twists

These are a great style, especially if you want a low maintenance style. Crotchet twists come in all sorts of sizes, colours and brands. I usually go for Darling or Sistar as they offer a great range plus they are easily accessible in Nairobi. My go to for Crotchet twists are always Mambo braids by Sistar or Pencil Mambo by Darling. This styles always lasts me between 1-2 months depending on how neat I keep my edges. Make sure to also read the post I wrote on 5 easy ways to style your crotchet braids.

Crotchet braids for the win
Currently rocking the Pencil Mambo by Darling

Crotchet box braids

I’ve only tried crotchet box braids once. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be going down that road again. I chose a short version of the Tatutatu braid by Darling. It reminded me of how I looked when I was in primary school. I might be convinced to try a longer version but for now the memories of that short stint are still burned in my mind.

Crotchet braids for the win
Box braids fail

Crotchet Curls

Now this style i’ve had some fun with! You can choose to do big bouncy curls or little tight ones. I first experimented with Jamaican Bounce after getting the idea to unravel them to make them more poofy!

Crotchet braids for the win
Jamaican Bounce

This is one of my favourite crotchet styles to date. They were fun. Fairly easy to maintain. However, they did not last long. I had them in for about 3 weeks before they got super frizzy and I decided to take them out. But for a special occasion I think they’re really nice!

In this category I’ll also put my faux locs. Because the brand I used ended up looking more like loose long curls rather than faux locs.

Crotchet braids for the win

Crotchet braids for the win
soft faux locs

Crotchet braiding hair

This one I happened upon by chance. I had an event I had to go to and wondered if I could use some left over braiding hair to crotchet. The result was fantastic. I was able to do my hair in 2 hours. I went for the event and everyone was shocked that it was regular braiding hair. When I am in a hurry or need a hairstyle to last for a few weeks this is my go to!

Crotchet braids for the win
braiding hair

So whatever the reason for the season. Whether you’re looking for a budget friendly option or just want to give your hair a break. Crotchet braids for the win!

From Anitaglam with love!

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