Welcome to Anitaglam!

Welcome to Anitaglam!
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Welcome to Anitaglam.com!

Your go-to naturalista guide for newbies, experts and everyone in between.

The journey

My reason for finally starting this blog is to share all my stories, drama, heartaches and triumphs of my journey from leaving creamy crack behind to going fully natural. It hasn’t been an easy ride, especially at the beginning when I couldn’t even recognize myself in the mirror after my Big Chop (BC). But here we are today. Two years later, my straightened hair is past shoulder length but more importantly, I have learnt how to care for and do my own hair, nailed down an almost perfect wash regimen and enjoying DIY’ing my own treatments.

The blog

On this blog you’ll find everything from how to DIY your own ACV rinse, where to buy accessories for your natural hair in Nairobi. I’ll also address questions like what 5 skills you need to learn as a naturalista that will make your life easier? to what you should always carry in your handbag or manbag! Because being natural is not tied to a gender. Once in a while you’ll also bump into a random travel entry.

Join me on this wild ride because My journey is Our journey!

My Journey

From Anitaglam with love!

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