My Natural Hair Regimen

August 23, 2018

My Natural Hair Regimen

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My Natural Hair Regimen

Wash Day Routine

Freshly washed hair

I usually wash my hair once every two weeks on Sundays or weekly depending on my style.


I then pre-poo (pre-shampoo) by doing a hot oil treatment.

This involves mixing various types of oils (I use coconut oil and almond oil) and heating them in a heat proof bowl in the microwave or over a pot of boiling water. Make sure you heat the oil to a warm comfortable temperature to avoid burning your scalp! . Apply the heated oil to your scalp making sure to concentrate on your roots. Cover your hair with a shower cap for a minimum of six hours or overnight.

My Regimen
Almond and Eco-coconut oil

I wear a turban/wrap during the day so that the oil is absorbed into my oil strands and strengthens my hair.

The benefits of doing a pre-poo is that it helps with dandruff and a dry scalp, it helps increase blood circulation to the scalp, it strengthens and adds shine to my hair as well as helps with frizz and split ends.


I shampoo my hair with a shampoo bar. I’ve been loving the Bu.Ke 3-in-1 Repair and Restore Shampoo Bar with Hibiscus, Honey and Cinnamon. I also use the TRESemmé Cleanse & Replenish shampoo.

After shampooing my hair then condition my hair with conditioner, I usually use TRESemmé Cleanse & Replenish or Alberto balsam or SheaMoisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser. I usually finger de-tangle my hair and follow that up by using an Afro comb or Denman brush to really work through my tangles.    

My Regimen
TRESemmé Cleanse & Replenish Collection
All detangled


After conditioning my hair, I rinse my hair with warm water and follow that up with some cold water. I usually then dry my hair in a Cotton T-shirt to retain moisture and prevent damage to my curls.


After my hair is about 60% dry I then proceed to use the LOC method. 

The LOC method involves. Leave In, Oil and Cream.

The technique consists of hydrating your hair with water or a water-based product which is the liquid, sealing in the moisture with oil and then applying a cream product to close the hair cuticle which prevents moisture loss.

My Leave In, Oil and Cream

First I apply a blob of my Cantu leave in conditioning cream to my hair, then I seal my hair with coconut oil on the roots and almond oil on the ends. Other oils i’ve used include avocado oil and Jamaican black castor oil. Then I lock all the moisture in with Mizizi Shea butter from Steth Naturals.  

At night

At night I sleep with a Satin scarf and silk pillowcase. I haven’t gotten round to the idea of using a satin bonnet but I definitely want to try the ones by Apparels and Accessories Kenya.  They really have some cool designs and colours. 

Once a Month

I Deep Condition (DC) / treat my hair with ORS hair Mayonnaise and Henna Treatment Wax. Sometimes I add some avocado, honey or a banana for that extra kick for extra hydration. I then cover my hair with a shower cap and let it sit for about 5 hours.

My Regimen

Deep conditioning with henna treatment, and avocado

Maintenance and Styling

I’m a big fan of an volume, so the first couple of days I always wear my hair out in a high bun. When my hair is out I usually do a two strand twist out. My go to hairstyle is crotchet braids to protect my strands!

From Anitaglam with love!

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