Natural hairstyles for Festivals

Natural hairstyles for Festivals

Natural Hairstyles

This post is for all of you who’ve been searching for Natural hairstyles for festivals. Whether its a top bun, a full fro or a double bun. Here is Natural hair styles for festivals.

It’s summer in some parts of the world and winter in others. Here in Nairobi it seems that the cold weather is here to stay. But come August (hopefully) the sun will be back in full force. Festival season is here however, and last year I got the chance to attend a 3 day festival Way Out West in Gothenburg Sweden. Three days of amazing sunshine, bubbles, musicians, flower crowns and a little rain. I wrote a post about here on the Study in Sweden website.

As I decided to rock my natural hair, the next question was how I would style my hair. At this point I was about 1 and a half year natural and my skills were limited to just about tying a top bun. So I you-tubed natural hair styles for festivals and chose a cool top bun for Day 1 and 2 and a double bun for Day 3.

Day 1

My top bun consisted of me doing my full wash regimen the day before and then ‘loc’ing my hair. I will upload a separate post on my wash regimen and my current LOC method. Because my hair was detangled and ready for styling. I woke up in the morning and brushed my hair, I used an old stocking to roll my hair into a top bun. Using a stocking allows you to maintain how loose or tight you want your bun to be. It also allows you to hold together hair that is too short to use a hair band. I laid down my edges with some trusty Eco-styler. I also chose the top bun as it was pretty easy to do and I was staying with friends and my bathroom time was limited.

Natural Hairstyles for festivals
Top bun love
Natural Hairstyles for festivals
Top bun love at Way out West

Day 2

Since I rocked a simple top one for Day 1, I decided to spice it up by still doing a top bun but accessorizing with a flower crown. Luckily interflora created three different flower crowns named after an artist performing on that day. I chose the Frank Ocean flower crown and I thought it went really well with my top bun.

Natural hair styles for festivals
Before accessorizing
Natural hair styles for festivals
With the Frank Ocean flower crown
Natural hairstyles for festivals
Having fun with bubbles
Natural Hairstyles for Festivals
Flower power with my friends Sania and Anita

Day 3

Since I was tired of a top bun, I decided to choose a cute and no frills style. So I decided to do a double bun or as we fondly call them in Kenya ‘pussy-cat’.

Natural hair styles for festivals
Double Bun love

This was a pretty easy style to choose as I just split my top bun into two. I laid my edges with a toothbrush and let them ‘lay’ in a scarf as I did my make up.

This style lasted pretty much the whole day and night eve with the rainfall. For durability I give it a solid 8!

Natural Hairstyles for Festivals

So if you’re going for a festival this summer or heading out for a music gig! Be sure to have some fun and style your hair with accessories, glitter and creativity!

From Anitaglam with love!

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