Natural hairstyles for weddings

March 30, 2020

Natural hairstyles for weddings


Natural hairstyles for weddings

Natural hairstyles for weddings….

Are you a bridesmaid looking for natural hair styles for weddings? Or a bride to be who doesn’t know where to start looking? This is the blog post for you!

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As a natural hair enthusiast, I didn’t want to put a weave in or do braids as it was important for me to incorporate my natural curls.

Natural hairstyles for weddings. I started with a pinterest board that you can check out here. The board helped me to choose a style and I also suggest for you to do the same thing.

My only request for my wedding hair was:

  • My edges be snatched and laid to the heavens
  • A sort of top bun be incoporated with a braid and flowers
  • Something that would hold well without touch ups
This was the style I settled on

I shopped around for a few hairdressers and landed on @priscahthehairstylist . When googling natural hairstyles for weddings and hairdressers I discovered her, she is a pretty popular bridal hairstylist in Nairobi.

She’s based at Posh Palace Hair Studio and Spa that’s located on Lenana Road. As I didn’t want to have my hair done the morning of the wedding, I went to the salon the morning before so that way I only had to sleep for one night in my new do.

Steps to styling natural hair

1st: I sat down with Priscah to discuss what I wanted done to my hair. We had a mini consultation which led me to settle on a bun at the back with a braid at the front.

2nd: We washed, treated and straightened my hair.

3rd: Priscah partitioned my hair into two sections and applied coconut Eco-Styler gel. The smell guys! Let’s just say i’m a convert. After she applied the ecostyler I went into the drier for my hair to set.

4th: For the last part of the process, Priscah used Marley hair to do my bun as well as braid the front sections. The trick with bridal hairstyles I discovered is pins. pins. pins. The amount of pins that went into tucking and rolling my hair! She used a hair net for the back of my hair to keep the bun in place. It stayed on throughout the wedding day and you couldn’t see it in photographs.

At the salon, we tried on my veil and bridal hair accessories. I had bought the bridal pins for 100 KES each at World Business centre. During my research process I had ordered some accessories off Amazon but they didn’t arrive on time.

Bridal hair pins from World Business Centre

The Final look

I loved my Natural hairstyle for my wedding

From Anitaglam with love!

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