Product Review: Aliyana Anti-Dandruff Spray

July 10, 2018

Product Review: Aliyana Anti-Dandruff Spray


Product Review: Aliyana Anti-Dandruff Spray


Today’s post features Aliyana Anti-Dandruff Spray from Aliyana Hair care by Darling. All my life i’ve been searching for braid and scalp spray that 1) doesn’t smell super weird 2)takes away the itch and 3) isn’t super oily.

I bumped into this spray by accident when I went to get faux locs done at a salon in Langata. After finishing doing the locs the lady sprayed my hair with this stuff. The smell caught my attention at first. It’s a mix between citrus and mint. The next thing that caught my attention was the tingling.

Tingling might sound a little intense. However, if you’ve tried any products like Dr. Miracle a little tingle feels weird at first then it settles nicely down. The spray contains ‘the goodness of lime’ which explains the tingling and the citrus smell. The average price for a 200 ml bottle is KES 202. Which is an amazing deal. I bought a bottle in March from the Salon and haven’t finished it yet!

Product Review: Aliyana Anti-Dandruff Spray
Anti-dandruff Spray
Product Review: Aliyana Anti-dandruff spray
Instructions and ingredients

You can it on MaSoko

or any large supermarket chain across Kenya

It’s water based which gives it a light feeling on your scalp. I even transferred a little into a mini-spray bottle that I carry around with me in my handbag.

I’m so happy to find a familiar brand branching out and producing such great products! Check out the Aliyana Professional facebook page to see their other products! I’ll probably be reviewing their leave in treatment at some point.

Happy shopping, for only KES 202 have fun geting rid of that itchy scalp!

From Anitaglam with love!

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