Product Review: Mizizi Shea Butter

September 3, 2018

Product Review: Mizizi Shea Butter


Product Review: Mizizi Shea Butter


After months of struggling with various curling butters and creams looking for a bomb twist out. I was gifted the Mizizi Shea Butter by Stheth Naturals by my friend Pokie in the craving yellow natural hair start up box last year.

Product Review: Mizizi Shea Butter
Mizizi Shea Butter

Let’s just say I’ve never looked back. 

Product Review: Mizizi Shea Butter
Mizizi Shea Butter

Twist out

The best way I have found to get the most definition out of doing a twist out with Shea Butter is to start with your hair 30% damp. Your hair needs to be damp so as to take the form of a twist out.

Partition your hair into four sections. Then partition those sections into sections again depending on how small or large you’d like your curls to be. 

Apply a coin sized amount of the Shea butter to each section and proceed to twist your hair. I add a little extra somethin’ somethin’ by using foam curlers.

Product Review: Mizizi Shea Butter
Foam curlers on a fresh twist out
Product Review: Mizizi Shea Butter
Twist out with Mizizi Shea Butter

To be honest, these are the best curls I’ve ever had. The definition is BOMB! My curls stay defined for up to 5 days, depending on how I care for my hair. (Insert satin bonnet at night). If I want to rock my twist out for longer, I just lightly spritz my dry hair and use a small amount of the butter and voila my curls are refreshed.


If their Shea butter is anything to go by. I can’t wait to try everything else in their Mizizi and Sheba Range.

I rate the mizizi shea butter a solid 8/10.

It is easily available on their website and on Jumia.

So if you’re still on the look out for a butter that gives you a BOMB twist out and great definition. Definitely check out Stheth Naturals MIZIZI Shea Butter. It could be a great addition to your natural hair regimen.

From Anitaglam with love!

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    • Hi,

      I personally wouldn’t advice using Shea butter on your face unless you’ve done a test first. Depending on your skin type you can break out. However, this brand is natural with no additives so if you do a test patch on your face without breaking out you can use it :).

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