Product Review: TCB Naturals

September 14, 2020

Product Review: TCB Naturals


Product Review: TCB Naturals

TCB Naturals Range Review

If like me you grew up with relaxed hair, TCB was always a go to for their hair food. The moment you got your hair blow dried at the salon and the lady asked you what hair oil they should apply? My answer was always TCB. I loved that bright yellow colour and the alluring smell.

Now, as a naturalista the memories of TCB have been brought back by the launch of their TCB Naturals range. This year I’ve made a conscious effort to step up my product game. This includes trying out hair products that not only are easily available in Kenya but are also affordable and in some cases also made in Kenya.

TCB Naturals Products

I went to my local Carrefour at Galleria and purchased the following products from the range.

  1. Argan Oil, they also have a coconut oil
  2. Leave in Treatment
  3. Deep penetrating conditioner
  4. Herbal Pomade
Some of the TCB Natural Hair Range

I’ve recently switched up my Natural Hair Regimen to include Ayuverdic herbs which has made my hair flourish. I’ll definitely be posting about that soon.


My regimen this time round started with a pre-poo using my usual culprits which I mentioned here, I then followed up with the TCB Naturals Deep Penetrating Treatment.

TCB Naturals Deep Penetrating Treatment

I must say this treatment smells heavenly! It has really good slip and it is very moisturizing. They have incoporated Shea butter and honey which is great. I have low porosity hair which means that it repels moisture. I found that using a heat cap (shower cap) with the treatment helps my cuticles absorb moisture really well. Honey is also a key softening ingredient for Low porosity hair.

My LCO Method

After cleansing my hair and drying it off with a Cotton T-shirt, I then did my LCO Method which is: Liquid, Cream, Oil. I previously used the LOC method but through trial and error LCO works better for my hair. I’ll be updating my current LOC method soon.

For the liquid/leave in part of my LCO method, I spritzed my hair lightly with water and followed that with the TCB Naturals Leave in treatment. One thing about this range is that it smells amazing! The leave in definitely added the moisture my curls needed.

I followed up the leave in with whipped organic Shea butter that I get from KaanbyTawi. When I want my twists to pop off I use Shea butter. The consistency of this butter is so light and fluffy! Shout out to Tawi!


I finally locked in all that hydration with the TCB Naturals Argan Oil. I’m so happy there’s finally an affordable Argan oil on the market. The wonders that it does to your hair! I 1st discovered argan oil when I was dying my hair. You can read that blog here. That ka-free satchet in the dye box has changed my life!

NB: When I was taking down my two strand twists, I rubbed a little of the TCB Naturals Argan oil on my hands to reduce frizz. I also oiled my scalp with the TCB Naturals Herbal pomade.


This range is what every beginner and expert naturalista has been asking for. The value for money is truly top notch. I also purchased the anti-dandruff treatment which I didn’t get to use. It has a slightly strong minty smell as opposed to the other products.

I rate the range a solid 8/10. It was easy enough for me to choose a few products to incorporate into my current regimen. I love the smell of the leave in treatment and the moisturizing deep penetrating treatment. I’m so happy TCB has kept that childhood fondness of having a distinct scent.

The range is available at most local supermarkets and also on Jumia.

From Anitaglam with love!

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