The Perfect Bridesmaid Box

October 27, 2018

The Perfect Bridesmaid Box


The Perfect Bridesmaid Box

I can’t say I do without you


One of the first things I did after getting proposed to was choosing my bridesmaids. I decided to have a mix of family and friends whom I love that I wanted to take this big step with.

Pinterest is a great place to start. I’ve read a bunch of articles and watched vlogs like this one by Ify Yvonne about picking bridesmaids and I’m happy with the 8 ladies I chose.

A bridesmaid box is a great way of customizing and personalizing a gift to your bridesmaids. It is also a fun way of showcasing your creativity with things like wedding colours. 

Where to start

That being said, I wanted to ask each one of them to be my bridesmaid in a very special way. Instead of holding an expensive lunch and inviting them all and since I wasn’t in the country, I decided to give them each a bridesmaids box.

Two bridesmaids boxes Back (side by side) 
Two Bridesmaids boxes Front (side by side)

Since my wedding colours are black and white stripes, gold and blush pink. I decided to theme the boxes in the same colours. So I did four black boxes and four white boxes. I also covered the inside of the boxes with black and white striped wrapping paper.

The Perfect Bridesmaid Box
Black and White Inner Cover

What to put in your bridesmaid box

I decided to choose a mix of things that I love that I know my girls will appreciate. So I decided on:

  • Sephora nail polish
  • A team bride badge
  • A candy ring
  • A bridesmaid necklace with a message
  • A metallic flash tattoo
  • Some toblerone chocolate
The Perfect Bridesmaid Box
Contents of the bridesmaid box
The Perfect Bridesmaid box
Contents of the bridesmaid box

Take Away

So my advice is to work with your budget and also get creative by looking at other bridesmaid boxes for ideas. You can do everything from customized hip flasks, mini bottles of champagne, gift vouchers, scented candles and magnets.

From Anitaglam with love!

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