What is Spring Twist?

December 18, 2020

What is Spring Twist?


What is Spring Twist?


If you’re new to the Natural hair and braid game, you might be wondering what is Spring Twist? On the internet a quick search of twists will bring up Passion twist, Nubian twist and even Natural twist. They are all variations of the basic two strand twist using hair extensions. Passion twists are made with hair that is pre-curled and not twisted while Spring twist is made of pre-twisted hair. Nubian twist on the other hand uses hair extensions (piece) that is more dull than the shiny braids used in passion and spring twists. These twists are considered to be the lightest and closest to your natural hair.

See below for a comparison:

What is Spring Twist? vs. Passion Twist? vs. Nubian twist?

I first hopped on this bandwagon in 2018 when I saw a post with the most beautiful girl rocking spring twist on the The Beauty Cottage Instagram page and never looked back. I opted for 1/350 but thinking back I would have gone for 2/30. Booking an appointment at the Beauty Cottage was fairly easy. Just DM on IG or call +254725398881 to make my appointment.

Spring Twist installation

The installation process took about 3 hours. I always pre-poo and deep condition before going to the salon. My hair then gets washed and lightly blow dried before the installation. This was the fastest hairstyle I’ve ever done! I need to do an official length check which I’ll do at Spritz Hair studio when I go for a wash session. It’s crazy how far I’ve come since I did my first blog when I was starting off my natural hair journey. The pic below is of when I last did a blow dry in July at my local home salon.

At Beauty Cottage they sell their own in house brand of spring twists so you’re able to choose from a large variety of colours and lengths. They also crotchet the twists onto your hair. This basically means they first braid your natural hair into three strand twists at the bottom. They then proceed to crotchet the twists onto your own hair. This method is faster and is less strenuous on your hair. It’s so light!

Final Look

To keep my twists moisturized I use a little Darling hair Extra shine Polisher.. This is a holy grail for anyone who does weaves and also goddess braids or crotchet hair. It works great for open hair as it tames fly aways and keeps the hair shiny and doesn’t let it tangle. I also use the TCB Naturals three oil sheen spray with olive oil, argan oil and coconut to keep the hair fresh and conditioned.

In total, I kept my spring twists in for 2 and a half months. They served me well and it’s one of those styles that looks better the older it gets. Before the end of 2020, I will definetely by doing twists again.

Anitaglam with Love!


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